2019 Chevy Suburban | Covington, LA

When you’re thinking about the perfect vehicle for you, there is a lot to consider. An important consideration is what’s right for your Louisiana home. Here are some things to help you decide whether a new vs. used Chevy SUV is the right fit.

Why Buy New

Buying a new Chevrolet SUV will guarantee the latest innovations. For wet and muddy Louisiana weather, you might want the latest driver-assistive safety technologies to help you stay safe out on the road.

All-new SUVs have optimum towing capacity, like the 2019 Suburban, which tows up to 8,300 pounds, making it easy to tow your camping or boating gear. The newest Chevrolet SUVs also have improved efficiency, which means that those New Orleans day trips will be more affordable than ever.

Why Buy Used

Many used cars at Bill Hood Chevrolet are certified pre-owned vehicles, which means that they’ve gone through thorough inspections before getting to our lot. This means that they’re high-quality used cars that will give you peace of mind behind the wheel.

If you want more money in your pocket to enjoy all the things that Louisiana has to offer, then a used Chevrolet SUV can help you achieve that. With lower depreciation costs and lower insurance costs, you won’t only be saving money up front, but along the way as well.

No matter if you’re looking for a new or used SUV, be sure to visit Bill Hood Chevrolet and explore our collection of vehicles.