Even if you haven’t been to Bill Hood Chevrolet before, you’ve probably seen the immense American flag on our property, towering over our building and waving at commuters on Route 190 and I-12. This flag has become somewhat of a landmark in the Covington, Louisiana area, even visible from Lake Pontchartrain.

In many ways, this massive American flag in Covington reflects the values of Bill Hood Chevrolet. Just as people see this flag and associate it with our dealership without having ever visited it, so too do the people of the greater New Orleans area know of our patriotism and family values without having ever stepped foot in our dealership.

Recently, a man named Allen paid us a visit — not to buy a car but because he wanted to express how much this flag means to him. Allen, whose daughter tragically passed away in an automobile accident, found hope and strength in Christ to get through that difficult time, and our flag became a daily visible motivator for him. He was so inspired by this flag that, to make sure he always had a memento of it, he filmed it flapping over Covington and shared the video with us.

We at Bill Hood Chevrolet are humbled by stories like these, as we are reminded time and time again that we can make an impact on someone’s life without having sold them a car. Allen will forever be a friend of ours, and we hope to make other friends like that with our neighbors in Covington.

Just like the American flag on our property continues to honor our country and all those living in it, so too will Bill Hood Chevrolet continue to honor our fellow Americans through respectful, honorable business practices.