Podcasts in Covington, LA

Do you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic on your way to and from work? Turn off the radio and try out a new podcast instead. There are several Louisiana podcasts that cover our state’s culture, food, and stories that might be a good place to start. Try out one of these:

  • Louisiana Eats!: This great podcast is for anyone who loves to cook—or at least loves to eat. The podcast host, Poppy, talks to listeners who know everything about great food, especially some Louisiana delicacies like shrimp creole.
  • All Y’all: If you love the power of a good story, check out this podcast that tells stories of the Deep South.
  • Capitol Access: The political landscape is always changing, and as a citizen of Louisiana and the United States, you have a duty to stay up to date. Capitol Access is the perfect way to stay abreast of what is going on in your state government.
  • Talk Louisiana: Louisiana news doesn’t have to be all about politics, however. This podcast covers a wide range of news happening in our great state, hosted by award-winning journalist, Jim Engster.

What’s your favorite Louisiana podcast to listen to during your commute? Feel free to tell us at Bill Hood Chevrolet down below.