Poverty Point | Pioneer, LA

Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Are you looking for a unique outdoor adventure for this summer that gets you away from Covington—but not too far from home that it can’t be done over a long weekend? Head out to Poverty Point, just three and a half hours northwest of Covington, Louisiana.

Poverty Point is a World Heritage Site, memorable for its ancient mounds that were built long before the Egyptian Pyramids. You can start your weekend adventure off by hiking along Poverty Point Trail, which takes you through these famous mounds. Climb to the top of one of the mounds to snap an amazing picture of your surroundings.

Spend the next morning relaxing with a round of golf at Black Bear Golf Club. The golf course is called that for a reason, too. You may just spot a black bear while playing a round of golf.

Close out your weekend getaway at Poverty Point by renting a boat (or bring your own if you have a Chevy that can tow it) on Poverty Point State Reservoir. You can spend the day kayaking, swimming, or even fishing. Anglers regularly catch bass, white perch, catfish, and bream on the reservoir.

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